All Weather All Terrain, The Fitness Truck is a unique mobile fitness service that can be performed anywhere at any time, founded by Rich Decker an international fitness enthusiast. The truck is designed to provide a full fitness workout for people of all different levels. Weighted workout ropes, resistance bands and gorilla bows extend over each side of the truck using a proprietary rack system. Everything packs up neatly in the bed of the truck and unloads in two and a half minutes.

Stress-Free Business Model

AWATFIT engineered a successful system, empowering franchise owners to control and operate their business. It also provides the flexibility to focus on their goals and what is important to them. Work less, earn more and enjoy a highly profitable business model.

No Employees Needed

In most cases, a franchise owner can manage three to four locations on their own. On average, you will need to hire one employee for every fourth location you open. Several locations can be serviced by one vehicle so entirely up to the owner if she or he wants to include staff or run operations solo.

Marketing Expertise Provided

Now to our favorite part!  Our expertise in marketing and advertising really shines as you use our fine-tuned marketing plan to help all your locations maintain maximum capacity. The Truck is a rolling billboard. Learn more about how our exclusive relationship with Roll Fast Media can provide a revenue that grows incrementally with your business. 

Innovative Design and Operation

We are so proud of the recognition we’ve received by several organizations for our fresh and unique design along with our powerful and effective marketing. It is a breath of fresh air compared to so many other service and product fitness concepts. The truck attracts attention wherever it goes.

Friendly In House Financing

No need to stress about financing. AWATFIT has innovative financing options to meet your credit needs. Learn how you can easily finance the entire franchise fee with no personal guarantee.

Hi Return/Low Investment Fast Start-up Model

No buildout capital required, no construction permits, and no employees make AWATFIT an innovative low-cost model. It also allows each franchisee to be up and generating very high margin revenue in approximately 30 days.


AWAT Training

A week-long training process will be focused on all exercise programs, audio equipment, apps, POS and web site interfacing. AWATFIT will do in person training at your location on all of the truck’s accessories , equipment and training methodology. Wellness Living will do virtual POS training, which will include scheduling, membership enrollment, membership fees for training and monthly renewal packages.

AWAT Forum

Utilizing community building software on a separate portal for all franchisees to communicate and share ideas to keep success in all markets rolling strong.  As we believe  there is strength in numbers and collaboration.

AWAT Manage

Utilizing HIGH END TECHNOLOGY, all franchisees will have access to Management portal for up to date operational adjustments and continued support. An additional AWATManage program is optional with our passive investment offering. Please call for details 720-705-2367


ROLL FAST MEDIA was founded and created by AWATFIT CEO Richard Decker to specifically utilize AWATFIT trucks for outside vendor advertising on the local and national level. ROLL FAST MEDIA will exclusively secure advertising contracts then wrap AWATFit vehicles for monthly advertising fees which will add an additional revenue sourcer per truck.

AWAT Marketing

AWATFIT  has a strategic relationship with UpSwell Media so Franchisees can have access to all current AWATFIT media for direct mail, social media and geo strategy marketing to increase membership acquisition.

Press & Video

Richard Decker | Founder + CEO

Rich Decker is the go to guy for A-List Celebrities and social elites who want to firm up their body. Rich Decker gives clients complete privacy and attention and gets results that “turn heads.” His methodolgy has proven successful, and now millions around the country are looking to benefit from his expert knowledge in fitness training something Decker was unwilling to share until now.

  • 30 years in the fitness industry
  • Fitness Expert and previous owner of The American Fitness Factory, Studio 89, and The Rich Decker Method in Sag Harbor.
  • Inventor of the immensely popular BodyWedge 21
  • Managed three gym facilities owned by Alexis and Martha Stewart.
  • Founder of AWATfit – All Weather All Terrain Fitness mobile fitness solution that can be performed any where at any time
  • Decker supports local efforts that support a battered women’s shelter, and global efforts building schools in Nicaragua. Decker vows, ”we need to take care of our bodies and take care of our community.”

Rich Decker has been affiliated in the fitness industry for 30 years. He’s realized over the years that machines and weights just don’t give the results people are looking for. Decker knows there are more effective ways to achieve results, he advocates a personalized workout regiment with outstanding results all utilizing the elements of suspension, gravity, resistance and strength training. His experience and expertise has allowed him to perfect the AWAT workout regimen that has swept the nation and captured the eyes of New York’s elite. All this while Decker brings the gym to you, with AWATfit- All Weather All Terrain, a completely mobile gym that comes to you any where at any time 24/7, 365 days a year.

"AWATfit is the best workout in the Hamptons! After just four weeks my body has completely changed and I have abs I never thought I'd have before!"



"AWATfit is the only exercise I have ever done that I saw an immediate difference in my body. I am over 60 and it has made me stronger and more flexible. I look forward to my workouts now because it is never boring and always different -- my friends can't believe me on the battle ropes! The new truck is awesome -can't wait till we can be back on the beach!"



"Rich Decker is one of the best in the game. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and nutrition. Rich gave me the motivation, knowledge, and equipment to gain 10 pounds of muscle in under 2 months. This is something I’ve never been able to accomplish before as I’ve been underweight my entire adult life. The AWAT truck is the ideal way to work out during a global pandemic when going to a conventional gym carries significant risk. The AWAT truck is on the cutting edge of portable fitness, nothing really compares. Between the TRX, gorilla bow, and all the other equipment on the truck, there’s no limit to how far you can push your body."



"Rich has been very helpful and knowledgeable with regard to my health. I have had 4 back surgeries, knee surgery and shoulder injuries and somehow I still feel like with all my modifications I still have a full workout. The schedule is convenient and flexible, and Rich makes the team work hard while having fun. Highly recommend Rich and his Mobile gym."



"After receiving the diagnosis of Osteoporosis I needed to do some real strength exercise. I started working out 3 times a week with Rich and his other trainers and not only is my doctor impressed, I feel great and I am constantly being told how good I look! This exercise works for anyone at any age! I haven’t felt this good in years! How great I walk out my door and there’s my gym!"



"I've worked out with Rich for the past eight years. He has helped me change my life and transform my body. Rich is always charismatic and motivates me to get the most out of our training sessions. The recent launch of AWATfit has been a great experience. The outdoor workouts are excellent and offer more than what can be found in your average gym. The flexibility to do a workout anywhere anytime is a huge plus. I am always discovering new ways to use the equipment, helping me to stay committed to my fitness goals."

Geoff H.


"AWATfit is the hardest yet most fun workout. The only thing that has kept my family and I sane (and fit) this summer. The owner, Decker is also a really nice guy. Always fits us in...even when requested last minute. He is great at pushing us to work harder but also making time fly by. Can’t recommend enough!"

Leah Rubner and family


“I began working with Rich because I was unable to achieve my goals on my own: Increase my strength and endurance, and lose weight and improve the look of my body. Within 6 months, the change was dramatic (reduced 4 pants sizes!). Rich is totally professional, knowledgeable, inspirational and motivational. Three years later I’m still a ‘disciple.’”

Rob Likoff


“For any woman (or man) who might be self-conscious working out in front of a room full of people, you can appreciate the one-on-one training offered here even more. I was impressed at the fast results I saw!”

Taylor Vescey


“While I was only first introduced to Decker this summer, I feel like I’ve known him forever. Decker pushes me to my limit both physically and mentally. He is much more than a trainer. He helps instill in me the right mindset to train and compete, and most importantly the keys to recovery so that I can come back the next day and feel fresh and ready to go again. I feel very lucky to work with the guy that brings an infectious energy and motivation each and every day to make me better.”

Johnny Nierenberg


The Opportunity

 founder with 30 years of experience.

Low investment and low overhead. 

A mobile business that markets itself.

30 days from signing to opening.

Year-round, membership model

Turnkey business with ease of scalability.

The Right Candidate

STARTUP COSTS: $50,000 – $99,500 

**3 PACK $150,000 – $285,000